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Workout IV Therapy

Come to our in office session and stay hydrated with a  IV session of our wellness saline fluid. This “strong electrolyte fluid” helps restore a healthy balance in your body. IV hydration bypasses the digestive system and it enters the blood stream with essential nutrients and  boosting energy levels an effective way.

Benefits Includes:

IV for Dehydration

IV for Fatigue

IV for Headache

IV for Nausea

IV for Weak Body

IV for Dry Mouth

IV for Rapid Heart Rate

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What’s Inside The Workout IV Therapy?

With the Workout IV package you will receive a combination of Essential Amino Acids, Branched Amino Acids, mixture of water,  and Sodium Chloride.  The combination will help you get the boost of workout energy you need before and after any workout routine. The blend helps in protein metabolism, muscle growth, decrease in muscle fatigue and protect muscle mass.

Saline: Mixture of sodium chloride and water will help flush toxins and replenish the fluid necessary for body function. It is the most common IV therapy used when your looking for a hangover cure or dehydration. Saline will help regulate temperature in your body and help with muscle fatigue.

Glutamine: An Amino Acid that increases support for muscle growth and breakdown.

L-Aginine: An Amino Acid that opens the blood vessels wider for better blood flow.

Lysine: An Amino Acid that converts fatty acids into energy and helps the body form collagen, which helps bone strengthen bones.

Citrulline: An Amino Acid that helps promote blood flow.

Carnitine: An Amino Acid that improves energy, recovery time after workout, improves fat metabolism and great for trying to build muscle.


The Workout IV Therapy package is carefully created by our doctors to create the best nutrient combination therapy that your body needs. In addition to our Workout IV Therapy, we offer other packages including Weight Loss, Hangover, Immune Boost, Beauty and Hydration.


Dr. Som IV Therapy in Beverly Hills

Dr. Som Kohanzadeh and his team of  medical professionals who have the upmost training and proven experience in IV therapy will answer all your questions and suggest the best treatments, especially what’s included in the Workout IV therapy.  We will go over any questions you have when booking. To get more information and start booking process please contact us on the form below or you can contact us directly at 310.919.4179 and ask for Dr. Som IV Therapy.

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