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JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® is the first and only injectable filler of its kind to be approved by the FDA for volume enhancement in the cheeks and midface. Why the first? Because of its different cross-linking, allows it to elevate soft tissues of the face like natural bone would. Therefore, it provides a more natural rejuvenation of the facial anatomy.

Similar to that of JUVÉDERM®, this revolutionary treatment is composed of a naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid solution, and as a result, it typically requires no allergy testing prior to administration. Once injected, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® is designed to provide immediate augmentation to the cheeks and midfacial region. By doing so, in experienced hands this treatment can serve as a “mini-lift” of the face: diminishing the appearance of moderate lines and wrinkles in the lower face. In addition to all of the above benefits, this new cross-linking also gives VOLUMA® a very unique feature compared to the other fillers: VOLUMA® lasts for over 2 YEARS!

The Difference

At our office, Dr. Som Kohanzadeh administers JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® injections himself, and the average treatment time is about 30 minutes, depending on the individual needs of each patient. Some bruising and swelling may occur after treatment, but ice application during the first 24 hours can help limit these effects.


Ultimately, the “mini-lift” result from VOLUMA® has been clinically-proven to last up to and over two years in many instances. This innovative treatment can also be performed in combination with a number of other facial rejuvenation procedures to help enhance aesthetic outcomes, including the SKINPEN®BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Dr. Som’s personally tailored skin care line: SK by Dr. SOM. Please contact our office and make an appointment today to learn more.

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