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“Dr. Som is a sculptor of the human body!”

“I never thought about filling my lips until I saw his demonstrations on models/patients at his open house. I am 53, show some lines and thinning around my mouth but never thought filling the lips would create an overall facial youthfulness! I am BEYOND THRILLED with my results! Dr. Som is gentle, understands how the muscles/structure will be affected by the “right” filler for the individual, and listens and addresses your concerns. Thank you, Dr. Som!”


“He has become my new go-to doctor”

“Doctor Som’s gentle approach made me feel at ease and at home. The SkinPen was great and I have already seen results in a matter of just a couple days. Although I was nervous, Dr. Som was very patient and calming. He has become my new go-to doctor that I have already told all my friends about! I cannot wait to see the end results.”


I love my new breasts!

“My experience with Dr. Som has been amazing! I tried going to other surgeons for consults, but my experience has always been negative and frustrating with them because they wouldn’t listen to my concerns and they proceeded with what they thought was best for me, without my agreeance. I met with another surgeon to consult about a breast augmentation, and he didn’t seem knowledgeable about the procedure, and didnt make me feel confident in his abilities.

I finally met with Dr. Som and I immediately felt at ease. He was very knowledgeable, warm and kind. I proceeded with a Breast Augmentation, and am so happy with my decision to have gone with Dr. Som. I love my new breasts! I feel more confident and beautiful! The size and shape are proportionate and perfect for my body! He is very skilled at Botox and fillers too! I highly recommend him to everyone!! Thank you so much Dr. Som!”


“I don’t have to wear two bras anymore!”

My breasts have always been very large and have caused me so much back pain. I had consulted with many surgeons and I finally got a breast reduction that I was not happy with. My breasts were still massively large, with extra fat on my sides. I had to wear two bras so that I could tighten the discomfort. After several years of more discomfort, I consulted with Dr. Som and he gave me hope.

I went forward with the breast reduction and side breast fat procedure and couldn’t be more happy! I love the shape and size of my breasts now, I wear one bra like a normal person, I don’t have that annoying side breast fat, everything has healed nicely and I no longer suffer from back pain. The experience was wonderful! Dr. Som’s plastic surgery talent and bedside manner is exceptional! He is such a pleasant surgeon and I always look forward to my appointments with him!

“Dr.Som is the best hands down”

I underwent a double mastectomy about 6 weeks ago. He is doing my reconstruction. I didn’t feel right when I got home from the rehab after the hospital. Dr. Som had me text him pictures a few times a day so he could see what was happening. I got a bad infection (no fault of his). He had me come back to Cedars right away for emergency surgery for the infection. I am home and I go to see him once a week but any questions or concerns he will text or FB message me right away. I still have a long way to go but I feel so confident when this is done not only will I be cancer free but will have the breasts of a 20 year old.

On a side note Dr.Som has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever seen. He is an absolute sweetheart.”


“I am so happy I found Dr. Som because he is really passionate about his work”

“I absolutely love Dr. Som!!!!! I had originally went for a breast consult, he answered all my questions, he took a long time making sure I understood everything, such as size and different types of implants. His staff is wonderful very polite and professional. They always returned calls. A few months later I decided to get a tummy tuck. Again i saw Dr. Som. I had also seen other doctors but none gave me the time and the comfort that Dr. Som did. I truly felt that Dr. Som wanted me to feel the good about myself rather than wanting my money as all of the other places did. I never got harassed with phone calls or emails by staff in order to get me to go back. (I still get emails from other doctors).

I am so happy I found Dr. Som because he is really passionate about his work. He even took time to call me several times after procedure and make sure i was feeling good. Any question or concern that I had were always answered via email or Facebook messages if something was confusing or “alarming” he’d call. He really cares!!

Surgery went great and have not felt any type of pain! I took pain meds for about 3 days and stopped because I never really felt pain. I was afraid of the pain, I also got some type of medication inside of me to numb pain for 72 hours after surgery, well on the third day after surgery I was so afraid of pain but surprisingly I felt nothing!

Surgery was done in a short time of about 3 weeks during the holidays. He made sure that he performed surgery on days that he would be in the city, just to facilitate our contact!! Who does that!?!? Dr. Som does!!!

Thanks Dr. Som for your amazing work!”


“Dr. Som Kohanzadeh is an AMAZING plastic surgeon to whom I rightfully placed my trust and faith”

“Renowned Italian sculptor, Michelangelo, once said “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set it free”.

Dr Som possesses the same exceptional talents. Through his skilled hands and eye for perfection, he was able to surgically reconstruct my thighs (thighplasty) that were ravaged by years of yo-yo weight gain and loss. For more than 13 years I had consulted with a multitude of reputable plastic surgeons who provided little hope for restoration of the beauty that lay beneath the layers of fatty skin and tissue. That was my plight until I met Dr. Som. Armed with years of skill and knowledge, this compassionate, talented doctor returned to me the healthy, shapely woman I had lost so long ago. Dr. Som Kohanzadeh is an AMAZING plastic surgeon to whom I rightfully placed my trust and faith. I would recommend Dr. Som to anyone in need of an exceptional plastic surgeon who will dedicate his time and attention to your specific needs. Thank you Dr. Som for freeing this angel.”


“I can write a blog about how extraordinary this man is”

“I honestly have no clue where to begin. I can write a blog about how extraordinary this man is. My mother who is 71 years old has had multiple (more that 8) abdominal surgeries that went wrong after surgeons have tried to correct a hernia and intestine reconstructive surgeries. NO ONE would touch my mom and this was our last hope. This man is miraculous. His calling was literally to do the work he does here on Earth. After seven years of nobody ever getting it right, we are one month away from a full recovery. He is our blessing! Such a gifted surgeon. In addition to his talent, his professionalism is everything you wish to have in a doctor. He is ALWAYS on time, always in a great mood and always accessible and he will be your cheerleader every step of the way. I’m truly going to miss him when the day comes that we have made our last appointment. I’ve been praying for a miracle for my mother for the last 7yrs and God brought me him. I will be forever grateful!”


Dr. Som’s results were not only far better than what I had read online, but healed with almost no pain

“For something as major as the surgery I had, pilonidal cystectomy, I wanted to make sure that I not only had a successful surgery but that it healed properly and looked its best. Dr. Som’s results were not only far better than what I had read online, but healed with almost no pain. Follow up appointments for several months reassured me that progress was being make… he and his team made a very scary situation absolutely the best it could be. I feel like a new person with no pain and barely-visible scars. I highly recommend Dr. Som and his technique.”


“Have worked with lots of Docs. This guy is a gem. Highly recommend”

“Gifted surgeon; friendly, easy and flexible… rare traits in a surgeon. Had a real emergency abscess. He saw me and operated same day. Knew what to do, minimal pain, and great care with a real sense of humor. and responds to questions the next day as well. This guy also flys to Latin America and operated on the poor for free on a regular basis. I teach at UCLA Med. School. Have worked with lots of Docs. This guy is a gem. Highly recommend.”


“Would highly recommend him”

​”You’re in good hands with Dr Som. He patched me back up after a cyst removal, and things are healing up nicely with no pain. He did a great job explaining the procedure in advance, and checked up on me weekly during my recovery. Would highly recommend him.”


“Dr. Som Kohanzadeh was the most thorough, attentive physician I have ever had”

​”My right hand was mauled by a German Shepherd. I was hospitalized due to the extensive damage and Dr. Som was called in to evaluate my hand. After sewing the crushed bones together, I was on my way to recovery.

Dr. Som Kohanzadeh was the most thorough, attentive physician I have ever had. Not only was his attention to detail second to none but his bedside manner was friendly and non-stressful.

During my five month recovery, Dr. Som and his staff were so supportive and helpful. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Som!”


“Dr. Som is the ABSOLUTE BEST!”

​”Dr. Som is the ABSOLUTE BEST! He makes you feel very comfortable and you can tell he is very knowledgeable with what he does. I have a little different experience with him as he was working on my leg with a puncture wound. He fixed my leg up with grace and precision and I think it will heal nicely 🙂 Excited for my follow-ups with him to see how it is coming along! THANK YOU DR.SOM!”


“He was very positive, supportive, professional and knowledgeable. I really feel confident in his abilities”

​”Dr. Som is awesome. I actually ended up in the ER over at Cedars for a big laceration (cut) in/on my left thumb. He was called in to perform surgery right away…to stitch my tendons back together, etc. Fun stuff! He was very positive, supportive, professional and knowledgeable. I really feel confident in his abilities. My thumb is healing well. **His whole team is equally as awesome and supportive**… great communication! Thank you!!”

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