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Dr. Som Kohanzadeh is trained in complex hand and wrist reconstruction, and offers both operative and non-operative treatment options depending on the diagnosis.  Dr. Som specializes in microsurgery for reconstruction of small structures of the hand and wrist: including tendon, nerve, artery and vein reconstruction.  The precision and accuracy of his training, combined with his love for hand and wrist surgery, makes Dr. Som the right choice to evaluate and treat your hand or wrist concerns.

Common Procedures

Dr. Som is well trained to treat common and uncommon hand and wrist disorders.
Some of the more common include:

Your Consultation

Dr. Som can help diagnose and treat hand or wrist complaints, and will provide patient education to help you understand the treatment process as well.  Depending on the diagnosis, he will discuss conservative management options, as well as surgical options, to find the right treatment plan for you.

To learn more about hand or wrist treatment, and what procedure may be right for you, contact Dr. Som.

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