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If you’re looking for alternative healing methods after surgery, then you’re in the right place. Below you will learn what Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is and how it can help you after surgery. Alternative medicine, such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which greatly influences wound healing and repair in oxygen-deprived areas of the body, has been shown to be an excellent treatment for surgical wound patients.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or “HBOT” for short is a medical treatment where you lay down in a pressurized chamber while breathing 100% oxygen. This combination allows oxygen to reach oxygen-deprived tissues while increasing healing abilities of places in the body that need it the most. While you breathe regular air, your body only receives 21% oxygen where most of the oxygen goes to the brain and major organs of the body, and there is not enough to supply to every part of the body. Many years of clinical trials and research has shown this technique of HBOT to increase oxygen in blood plasma, accelerate healing, lower inflammation, and mobilize stem cell growth. HBOT has also been recognized by the FDA and as of 2021, it has 14 indications of approved use. 

Why should you do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy After Surgery?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a perfect treatment when you come out of plastic surgery because of the new wounds created while in surgery. These wounds can be healed even faster with the help of HBOT. You will have oxygen entering the body and going directly to the wounds while building new tissues, new blood vessels, decreasing inflammation and fighting infection with antibacterial conventions. You are not doing anything new because you’re activating the body’s natural healing abilities and allowing the body to do its job in a faster manner. 

What Plastic Surgery does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help?

Any time of plastic surgery can create a wound and some take months to heal. With a hyperbaric chamber, you can turn the months into weeks with a full treatment plan. Treatment plans can go anywhere from 20 sessions to 60 sessions. Common surgeries that have shown the best result with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy include breast surgery, tummy tuck, face surgery, BBL, rhinoplasty, hand surgery and foot surgery. 

HBOT can help with:

Dr. Som Plastic Surgery

Dr Som Plastic Surgery has joined with Under Pressure Hyperbarics to provide patients who request Hyperbaric Treatment after surgery for faster healing. If you’re considering plastic surgery and hyperbaric therapy, please contact Dr. Som Plastic Surgery at (310) 919-4179 for more information.

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