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If you’re grinding your teeth at night and looking for a solution, then you came to the right place. There are great remedies to fix this annoying issue taking you out of a good night’s rest. Your surgeon will recommend the below 7 remedies for the best solution to the end of bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where you clench or grind your teeth. This is mostly unconsciously possessed at night which may lead to issues with your teeth. You do not want this to be a long lasting sleep related disorder where your teeth get affected as well.

Mouth guard

The easiest way to fix this issue is getting a custom mouth guard from your primary physician or dental office in the area. Mouth guards help protect your teeth from grinding by biting on a guard at night while you sleep and stop the movement of your jaw. This may not be for everyone as it may get uncomfortable for some people to wear every night. If you have chronic sleep bruxism, custom mouth guards are decided specific to your teeth and jaw to be as comfortable as possible, but may be more expensive than over the counter generic mouth guards.

Botox Treatment

There have been many studies on how Botox can treat different disorders of the face due the nature of paralyzing the nerves in the muscles without damage. Finding a Botox treatment in a plastic surgery center can help you with the structure of nerves that push the irregularities of the muscles of your jaw to have the bruxism. For this procedure, not only will you get rid of wrinkles of the face, the usual case of why people get Botox, but also fix the condition head on. For this procedure, you would need to visit a medical professional for consultation and see if you are a good candidate. More than 90% of patients who go into treatment are approved by a plastic surgeon professional


If you’re looking for a therapy route and believe you can be psychologically changed into removing the disorder, Biofeedback is your answer. Believe it or not, this works! Biofeedback is a type of therapy that is built with the thinking of “mind over matter” concept. Biofeedback includes electromyography, thermal and electroencephalography techniques that help develop information on how the body functions. People like this route because it is a form of a noninvasive treatment and no medication is needed. 

Meditation and Yoga

One of the oldest ways to fix any issue that you may have, meditation. Mediation has recently become very popular and coincides with Yoga workouts. Medication is shown to relieve the stress from the whole body, including the muscles and nerves in the mouth and around the jaw. 

This should be one of the first remedies that should be tried before anything else because of how natural it is and how it can help with the whole body and not just the mouth area. To start at home, download a meditation app and start practicing in a quiet room. If you like having people around, join a yoga studio where you exercise together.

Jaw Exercise

Jaw exercise has been suggested by many dentists and physicians as it can build a stronger muscle structure around the jaw and face area. This will help the muscles maintain a proper alignment. Studies have shown it to reduce effects of other disorders such as temporomandibular or chronic pain that may affect the nerves that result in bruxism. 

Reductive Coronoplasty

If you’re looking for a procedure route with your dentist, try a reductive coronoplasty surgery. This surgery will help level the biting surface of the teeth and may be effective if you have misaligned teeth and need relief in a faster manner. This procedure may immediately stop the biting issue you are experiencing and help reshape your teeth in the process.

What Teeth Grinding Can Lead To…

Teeth grinding can lead to serious side effects in your health that include:

Seek Help from a Professional

If you’re looking for a second professional opinion from a professional, please visit your local dental or surgery center for consultation. Your dental health is important and it can affect your overall health if not taken care of early. Your surgeon will show you options that you may be surprised at how easy it would be. Try our recommended remedies and you may be surprised at how quickly you will get back to a healthy smile without the constant grinding at night.

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